New teacher takes on dual roles

Evelyn Gourdie, Staff Writer

Dylan Owens is a new social studies teacher and coach at Berthoud High School. He came to Colorado and started his teaching position at the beginning of 2022 and quickly became part of the Berthoud High School Spartan family.  Owens was born and raised in Houston, Texas and moved to Colorado because there was an opening for a soccer coach. As with most athletic coaching positions in public schools, the position also comes with teaching responsibilities, hence his dual position as a Social Studies teacher. He states that he is also attracted to the beautiful mountains, which appeal to him because of his love for all things outdoors. This made the move to Colorado much easier for him to do. Owens considers himself lucky to have ended up here and becoming a teacher in a place with such natural beauty. 

“My father was a history teacher and that influenced my life,” stated Owens. “Just as he is looking to influence kids in their most formative years of development and knowing I’m contributing to these kids’ futures makes it all the more worth it and inspires me to keep going,” he added.

Owens is considered a very fun and likable teacher by many. Sophomore Meg Hidalgo says, “Mr. Owen’s class is always enjoyable and entertaining and when it comes to work he’s always really understanding with his students in all sorts of different circumstances.” 

 Owens is a great teacher and has been teaching for eight years, but he has also been playing soccer for around 20 years. This has helped him at his other job as head coach of the Berthoud High School’s boys’ and girl’s soccer teams. When asked what it’s like being a player for and a student of Owens, sophomore Brent Harris says, “being his student is great because he interacts with all his students and he puts his heart into school work.” As for Owens being a coach, Harris comments that “it is great as well, because he actually gets involved in the sport and shows us what we need to do to get better rather than just telling us.” 

When Owens is not teaching or coaching, he enjoys a large range of activities, such as hiking, biking, snowboarding, and participating in pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. Owens hopes he still gets enough time to enjoy all of the outdoor activities he enjoys and to spend time with his girlfriend, but he acknowledges that it will be a challenge. Owens, in addition to teaching his regular class load, will also be coaching two soccer teams which will keep him busy.

Owens has been a great addition to BHS and with his passion for teaching and coaching, has made soccer and the social studies program a great environment for all students and athletes to learn and thrive.