Science teacher finds joy in traveling

Alex Hayes, Staff Writer

Jennifer Leachman is a science teacher at Berthoud High School which students admire very much. Other than being a great science teacher, she also enjoys an occasional run every day, as well as being a very talented artist in painting landscapes which are very beautiful.  She finds doing manicures very relaxing as she does them for family members and friends during holidays and just for fun. She has traveled around the world a few times, being in Vienna and Iceland. They both were very beautiful and would love to visit them again and other places around the world. 

Leachman grew up in Loveland and attended Thompson Valley High School. She then graduated from UNC. She landed a couple jobs being a hostess at a restaurant, Target and a math tutor. Her original plan was to be a math teacher, but then ended up gravitating towards AP Bio, which then led her to be a biology/science teacher. As she then landed her job at Berthoud High School. Currently she is back at UNC and working on her masters. 

“Personally Ms.Leachman is a great teacher, and she is definitely one of the great ones at Berthoud High School,” stated a recent graduate of Berthoud High School.

Finding good teachers is hard nowadays, explaining things multiple ways in an inordinately clear fashion to help students grasp concepts and theories. Students appreciate Leachman’s hard work to help students succeed.