C-Team “C’s” Bright Future


Will Yuska, Staff Writer

C-team wins in last seconds of game on Feb 9, 2023

Going undefeated in a sport is very, very difficult. Once a team is at the top, everyone wants to get there and challenges them for the number one spot. While Berthoud Boys Varsity has had very little success in terms of their overall win record, the C-Team went undefeated in the 2022-23 season.  

While last year’s C-team squad did not have this much success, freshman Jayce Newbill, the starting point guard and small forward, said they got taller and Jack Clark, the starting power forward and point guard, said the coach has given them better plays. When asked about the team’s chemistry Newbill said, “I know on the team who can do what (be)cause I’ve been playing with everybody for a while.” Newbill said It has helped the team thrive as they know who will shoot the ball or who will rebound. 

“We all want to get to the next level,” Clark said. With this much success and talent in the roster the team believes that when they get to varsity they will bring Berthoud a state championship. 

While the team looks all around unstoppable, the second starting five on the team has struggled in late game situations, but luckily the games haven’t been close so it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. They are looking better by getting more playing time in blowout games. Their main issue is their height. While only having one true post, the team has had to change. Some guards have had to go down to the hoop and play a post position. The second squad has definitely found a role for themselves and Newbill stated that everyone on the team has a purpose. 

Varsity coach Lee Espinoza, junior varsity Coach Antonio, and C-team Coach Reese, have all been coaching for Berthoud for only two seasons so far. They haven’t had much success but the future of the program looks promising with this freshman squad. They have had no issue at all against their opponents. While the team has struggled against bigger opponents in the past, something snapped inside all of them and they have ran through every team in their way. Newbill states, “We got taller.” He speaks as everyone as a whole. If only a couple people grew then the team would have a harder time to thrive. They play so well because they own the rebounds. While they allow the other teams to get one shot per possession, they get three or four giving them more chances to score. 

The team has also played really well as everyone on the team can play multiple positions. Their biggest post players will dribble the ball up the court with their speed and our smallest guards will attack the paint with their really clutch finishing. The Boys C-Team looks to the future after their undefeated season.