Masks Return to BHS; 20 new cases each week in the school district


Alex Pericelli

Students in Ms. White’s 8th Hour Class, wearing masks as mandated Sept. 7.

Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

Mask mandate in Berthoud High School

 On Tuesday, September 7th, the mask mandate is now back in full swing. After talking with Mr.Boschman, we learn what his thoughts are about this mask mandate. “It was challenging to carry on this rule because many parents and students don’t want to wear masks,”he said. He believes it is important to wear a mask so we can keep everyone in school.

Previously this year, the mandate rule only required K-8th grade students to wear masks. In the last two weeks, high schools across the district have had 20 new cases each day, which is why high school students now have to wear masks. Mr. Boschman’s main goal is to keep kids in school and to keep them safe.”Wearing a mask hopefully has some impact on the county’s decision on this mandate,”he said. 

Students are now allowed to get an exemption card that allows them to go without a mask for a short period of time. In order to go without a mask they need a doctor notes saying they can go mask-free. Another way you can go mask free is getting a medical 504, but you need a medical reason to part-take in this.

One question that many students may have is if we are going to go back to the hybrid system, or if we are going to be able to stay in school the rest of the year. Mr.Boschman hopes to stay in school, but doesn’t exactly know what the outcome of this pandemic will be. “This is only going to get worse if we don’t take the right precautions,” said Mr.Boschman.