Can no air conditioning in the school affect students learning?

No air=less learning


Josh Rodriguez

Attempts to change the temperature in the building have failed through the season’s increasing heat.

Kevin Bates




Berthoud highschool is making their students very frustrated with the fact that they don’t have air conditioning in all of their rooms.” We need more cold air”, said Corbin Sawyer. Sawyer is a freshman at Berthoud highschool. From listening to what Sawyer says, you can obviously tell that not having air conditioning in all of his classrooms is making him very frustrated.

“Our school is boiling”, said Sidney Gerner. Gerner is a senior at Berthoud highschool. After having to be in a very hot classroom all day, Gerner also said “It’s hard to focus when our school is so hot”.  After reading what she said you can see how difficult it can be to focus when Berthoud highschool students are suffering from how hot it is in the school. When Gerner talks about how it is hard to focus when the school is boiling you alive. Does the school care, will this affect Gerner’s or Sawyer’s grade. When the school doesn’t run air conditioning, does it affect how many students graduate? 

Is this affecting how many people are in the lower class? “The school’s air conditioning affects how well I am learning because I am thinking about whether they will ever fix the air conditioning and it is so hot in here”, said Joshua Rodriquez, a senior at Berthoud highschool. Rodriquez’ words make parents and students think about whether the cost of air conditioning will really help students. Rodriquez’s quote can also help parents question whether their grades might be slipping because they’re not trying, or because they are constantly thinking about the air conditioning. Sawyer’s, Gerner’s and Rodrequez’ quotes can help Berthoud highschool question whether or not air conditioning is really worth the extra cost.


“ Because the school has no air conditioning It affects me because all I feel like I can focus on is the heat and how humid the school is’ ‘, said Violet.  Can Violet’s words affect the staff at Berthoud high school, and will this play an impact on how they view students’ words? Violet is just a freshman at Berthoud high school and is  trying to learn, but the air conditioning is affecting her learning.


“Our school’s air conditioning drastically impacts my learning because I am always sweating during class, which then leads to me just thinking about how much I wish our school had air conditioning”, said Meg. Meg’s thoughts are an important example on how a student feels on the daily when in our school.