Food Review: In-N-Out vs. All Other Burgers

Josh Rodriguez, Feature-Writer

There has been a long time debate”is In and Out the best burger joint in the USA?” Taking personal opinions out until the end of the article I will be asking other BHS students to come up with a final conclusion to see if In and Out is the best burger place in the United States.

In and Out is a west coast Restaurant that has made its way into the culture spreading out from Southern California to many different parts of the country. Because of this business’s popular appeal to people some have begun to ask whether In and Out is as good as its made out to be compared to other burger places.With questions given to the students of Berthoud High we will finally know what the people really think about this beloved restaurant.

In one of my interviews of students he said “as far as quality, it’s not amazing, but it’s a west coast classic and still a darn good burger” and this does seem to be a common theme with a lot of students i’ve asked, another quote from a student is “Well in my opinion it isn’t bad but it isn’t great”.

 Now this poll wasn’t a massive group of students. I did ask a small group in conversation but what I did gather from other conversations is that in and out is an ok burger. It’s better than the average fast food burger but compared to some other gourmet burgers it seems to be a sub par burger.