Spartans Sports Week 9/18



So far the Berthoud football team has been doing pretty well. They started their season with a huge win and their second game was an unfortunate defeat. Their first game against Fort Lupton went 36-6 favoring the spartans. The second game they went against Woodland park sadly losing 28-6. The Spartans have another game tonight and I do think they will do well. They have played very well their last two games and can’t wait to see what they pull next.In an interview with head coach Tichnor he said”That his team is working really hard and he is excited about how the team will play tonight, He also said that the team really missed out last year so they are trying super hard to stay in the game and not to lose any opportunities this year.” The football team season so far has been tons of fun to watch and they have been playing very well starting the season winning 1 game and 1 loss, this season looks very promising if the players keep playing hard and staying as focused as they are. 

By, Alex Perricell


Men’s Soccer

The Berthoud Spartans Soccer season is underway, as the varsity soccer team has played their first 5 games. Leading to a record of 2-3. Their most recent game they lost 6-0 against the soccer power house Niwot. Besides this result they have done surprisingly well scoring more goals in their first five games than they have the past three seasons combined. This came from two huge wins against Sterling 8-2 (W) and Dolores Huerta Prep 10-0 (W). Zac Traver Head Coach of the varsity soccer team said “this year’s team is the most talented and best overall team I’ve coached at Berthoud High School” This is showing the Coaches faith in the team to do something big this year. Which is also the hope of the players and especially the Seniors trying to make the most of their last season at Berthoud. 

By, Bryant Root



The Berthoud High girls volleyball team is off with so far a great season. With four wins out of six games the season is starting off with a sprint. With a most recent win over Fort Morgan the score was 3-0, Berthoud 3 and Fort Morgan 0. In an interview with head coach Santos “We started off shaky but towards the end we got it together”. Allison Waller commented on their victory over Fort Morgan “went really well as a team offense and defense were good and we did really well as a team.” The girls Volleyball team has so far had a great season with 5 wins and 2 losses. As long as they can keep doing what they are doing, and the coach and players stay focused this season will look favorable      

By, Josh Rodriquez



Berthoud’s softball team won with a score of 13:1 against Thompson high school. The Varsity softball team has had a winning streak of 1 game so far but let’s hope that they can with their upcoming gamer against Frederick Highschool. Our Second to last game we went against was Roosevelt Highschool, unfortunately, we lost with a score of 4:1. Our second most recent win was Against Montrose Highschool, “I feel like the second most recent win we worked really hard for because we went into overtime because we were tied and we ended up beating them “ (Mason) After Listening to Mason It sounds like they really pushed For their second to the last win.“I was really happy about our win against Thompson valley because we really worked our hardest to win and we did” (Addie)  When Addie said they really worked their hardest to win and they did it sounds like as a team they know how to have good teamwork and work together.

Let’s hope they can win against Frederick Highschool and Achieve another win.

By, Kevin Bates