Tech of the Week: The New HP Laptop (9/22/21)

Tech of the Week: The New HP Laptop  (9/22/21)

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt, Feature-Editor

HP has recently released a new top-of-the-line laptop for not only professionals but for gamers as well. The HP ZBook Studio G8 has a sleek aluminum frame protecting the top of the line components in it. This laptop will usually be used for professional applications like 3-D rendering, leading to it having a 3070 Nvidia graphics card with 8GB of VRAM. To help support that graphics card you have an i9-11950H with a boosted clock speed of 5.0 GHz. The ZBook also has 32 gigabytes of RAM to help data transfer between the components. To bring all these components together, you have a two-terabyte m.2 drive for faster data transfer speeds. The display is a 4K OLED 60 Hz touchscreen that has deep black color. 


The Studio G8 has plenty of pros that make it the ultimate machine for professionals who like to game on the side. With a large amount of processing power in this machine, you can run AAA title games in 4K max graphic settings with ease. The main purpose of this laptop will be for business professionals who mostly do 3-D rendering or other software that takes up a massive amount of processing and data. This laptop is perfect for on the go and working out in the field. The RGB keyboard and trackpad work flawlessly with the rest of the laptop. But there are a few flaws with this laptop


Overall this laptop is a great machine that seems unstoppable, but there are a few major problems that give this laptop a lower rating. With all these power components like the Intel CPU or the power-hungry 3070 graphics card, you won’t be getting far without keeping this laptop plugged in. The laptop under load has an average battery life of 5 hours. It isn’t horrible if you are in an office but if you are out in the field or an area without a charger, that can make or break this laptop. On top of the low battery life, this laptop doesn’t have many expandable capabilities. First off the RAM is stuck at 32 Gigabytes since it is soldered in. Another downfall is that the G8 only has one M.2 drive in it. If you wanted more than two terabytes of space you would have to replace the one in it rather than adding another SSD as you can do on some other HP laptops. Another problem with this expensive laptop is that it lacks too many external ports. There is one USB-A port, two Thunderbolt 4 Ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, a headphone jack, and lastly the proprietary plug for its 200W power brick. Having only one USB port makes it very difficult to hook up external hardware to this laptop. The last con of this laptop is the price they are asking for it. Retailing for $4,727 on HP, the price of this laptop automatically puts it outside of the average consumer’s budget. But for a larger company, it should be pretty doable. In all this laptop is a good purchase for companies that want to equip their employees with top of the line hardware, but for the average consumer, I would recommend a cheaper laptop that won’t break the bank.