Food Review: The Del Taco vs. Taco Bell Throw-down


Josh Rodriguez, Feature-Writer

The two biggest fast food burrito restaurants are Del Taco and Taco Bell. I’ve tried the best of both worlds but in conversations from students that isn’t the case for everyone. For most of my life I lived in California there were more Del Taco’s than Taco Bells, but that was on the east coast. Something I discovered living in Colorado for the past few years is that I rarely see a Taco Bell anywhere I go, from Berthoud to Denver I’ve only seen one del taco. In a quote from a student “I have had Del Taco once in my life and I don’t remember the last time I had it and I have taco bell actually often so i’d prefer Taco Bell and del taco isn’t close to where I live so it’s just not ideal”. I’ve received many other quotes that all resemble this, so in Colorado Taco Bell is the best burrito restaurant in Colorado.