Homecoming Sports Schedule 2021


Bryant Root, Sports Editor

Berthoud High Schools Homecoming is less than a week away and there is going to be a lot of big games coming up for the Spartans. These sport games are always a big part of homecoming week and if not just as popular and important as the Homecoming dance and Parade. The games really build to the environment throughout the week as this year Football and Soccer will be the only sports having home games during the Homecoming week. Sadly Softball and Volleyball will miss out on the home games this year. As Softball have two away games on October 5th and 7th against Severance and Niwot. Volleyball has one away game on October 5th against Niwot. Come out and support these teams as the players really enjoy people to support and cheer them on throughout there competitions. (Below will be the schedule posted of the two sports teams who have home games this coming week).

Football – Friday, @ 7:00pm against Severance

Soccer – Tuesday, @ 6:00pm against Fort Morgan                                                                                                                             Thursday, @ 6:30pm against Mountain View