The Berthoud Softball Team

Kevin Bates, Writer

Berthoud High School softball team scores a winning score of 11:1 against Mountain View. The Berthoud varsity softball team has a winning streak of two wins so far. The Berthoud softball team has an upcoming game against Fredrick. Frederick Highschool has an overall score of wins of 13 wins and 5 losses, The Berthoud Softball team has and an overall score of 12 wins and 8 losses, Our second most recent win was against Northridge high school, and we won with a score of 11:3. The Berthoud softball team’s most recent loss was a loss against Frederick high school with a score of 9:6. Maggie Langer A senior at Berthoud high school” It was our senior night and all of our seniors got to play and we all just got to celebrate our seniors, I also feel like when we show up ready to play, we get things done. Camryn Pickett, our pitcher, always helps set the tone, and when we can rally around her good things happen.” When Langer said that she said it was a senior night and they got to celebrate, you can tell that the Berthoud softball team hypes one another up, Also when Langer says that Pickett sets the tone, you are able to understand that the main way they get hyped up from her. Let’s hope the Berthoud Softball team gets hyped up and they win their next upcoming game.