Homecoming Week Continues With Parade and Bonfire


Josh Rodriquez

The very first Pep Rally has started for Berthoud High School! At the end of the day all the students came into the main gym to celebrate and prepare for the upcoming homecoming week full of events, dances and sports. 


The pep rally started off with the cheerleaders pumping up the seniors, the juniors and the freshmen with some extra pumped up chants that got everyone fired up. The first event that went up was a game of musical chairs where a group of four seniors juniors sophomores and freshmen went up against each other to see who would win, after a tough battle with a load of great songs the seniors came out victorious with the last two students being seniors.


Next up was a scavenger hunt where two people from each grade would be required to find a certain number of items from their crowd, and the seniors won again. After the scavenger hunt there was a beauty contest where teachers and students made each other look fabulous for the crowds. 


Finally there was the homecoming royalty announced for all grades but the seniors who will be announced at the homecoming football game.  Freshman Royalty were, Sophomore Royalty were, and Junior Royalty were