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The Essentials For a Home Studio

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt November 30, 2021

When people think of a music studio the majority think of a massive building in Los Angeles or Nashville. But you don’t need to go to one of those studios to make your music, you can make a home studio...

Xbox has its 20th Anniversary

Xbox has it’s 20th Anniversary

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt November 16, 2021

Monday, November 15th, Xbox live-streamed it's 20th anniversary on Twitch and YouTube. The event was held to show appreciation for the past 20 years the Xbox has served to the community and to announce...

TrashCast Ep 4, From Space All the Way to Love Fish

The Trashcast is a podcast hosted by 4 of The Maroon Tribune staff; Tyler Holden, Fox Prewitt, Alex Perricelli and Andrew Hargett. We talk about everything from cars to natural disasters and every episode...

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The Rise of Blockchain Games

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt November 10, 2021

In 2020 the gaming industry in the United States was at an all-time high of 66.88 billion U.S. dollars. With this growth in the market, a new style of gaming has grown among the players. Blockchain games...

Intels New Alder Lake Chips Hits The Market November 4th

Intel’s New Alder Lake Chips Hits The Market November 4th

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt November 2, 2021

Intel at it’s newest Intel event has shown the architecture of it’s new Alder Lake chipset. Intel released their new hybrid chips that have larger high-performance cores paired with smaller high-efficiency...

The History of Halloween

The History of Halloween

A.J. Hargett October 31, 2021

As we all know Halloween is a holiday that is practiced by many Americans and by many people all over the world. It is well known for dressing up in costumes and going around to houses and collecting candy....

Berthoud FFA Members Qualify for Regionals

Berthoud FFA Members Qualify for Regionals

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt October 28, 2021

Last Wednesday on October 20, 2021, the FFA had its local Public speaking contest. The contest was held in the Berthoud High School library and consisted of three categories, Freshman Creed Category, Prepared...

Apple’s New Game Changing Redesign

Apple’s New Game Changing Redesign

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt October 26, 2021

Apple just held its latest Apple Event on October 18, 2021, and they made quite a few remarkable achievements in the tech world. This event mainly focused on music and their new Mac. They bring up their...

Which Type Of Computer Storage is Right for You

Which Type Of Computer Storage is Right for You

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt October 20, 2021

When you look at a computer, there is a lot of confusing information: one of them is the type of data storage in a computer. In 2021 the most common types of data storage are hard drives, and SSD or solid-state...

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