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Alex Perricelli

Alex Perricelli, Feature Writer, Reporter

Alex Perricelli, Senior, is starting his fourth year at Berthoud High School. In his past years he has played Basketball and football both for a year, but what has stuck with him all four years has been marching band. He hopes to make the band the best it can be and show others how you can be kind and respectful to topics that conflict with his own thoughts. Alex is now a part of the Berthoud High School's podcast. He hopes that the topics will be interesting and the podcast will attract not just his friends but also other people that share some of the same interests.

Alex has stayed in Colorado for most of his life but he has lived in Longmont, going to Alpine Elementary, Altona Middle, Turner Middle, and finally ending up in Berthoud High School. Berthoud is a really nice town with a few things to do. Berthoud has a skate park that Alex goes to pretty often. Alex really enjoys being in Berthoud because it's very small and you can always hang out with friends if they live in town.

Alex has a passion for music, being a band member and marching for Berthoud High School for four years. I really enjoy marching on the astroturf field and watching other people perform in regionals. Alex hopes to go to states this year with Berthoud High School marching band. In Alex's freshman year he went to Elitch Gardens with the band and they performed for the people there. The artists that Alex really enjoys are Kanye, Mac Miller, Paramore, and Gorillaz. Alex also really likes playing pep bands during football games and performing the halftime show.

Another big part of Alex’s life is skateboarding. Alex skates to school and to work whenever he has time. Alex isn't very good at doing tricks on skateboards but he really enjoys going downhill on longboards. Another thing Alex lives by is always being kind to the pizza delivery guy. It means that you should be kind to others because you don't know what they are going through.

His family consists of his Dad, Mom, a little Brother, and a little sister. My sister goes to the elementary school in town and my brother just started going to the middle school. He also has an English mastiff and a tabby cat.

Hopefully Alex will be able to go to a college. He is planning to go to NAU, CSU, or just going to community college for two years to find a true interest.

Content by Alex Perricelli