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How School Violence Affects Students Mental Health

How School Violence Affects Students’ Mental Health

Hayden Rose, Editor May 9, 2022

Tuesday, April 5, a violent event involving two students transpired in front of the school, in which one was grabbed by the neck, using a pride flag they were wearing over their shoulders, and dragged...

Suspension — is the Punishment Good Enough?

Hayden Rose, Editor April 29, 2022

Suspension — it's a word most everyone in the school system knows, yet it's not something that everyone may understand; whenever suspension is talked about, there usually isn't much information to go...

The New Chromebook Cases Cause an Upset Amongst Students

The New Chromebook Cases Cause an Upset Amongst Students

Sierra Pirkey, Staff Writer April 14, 2022

The halls that are often filled with the newest and most advanced technology have now been filled with ugly and bulky computers that are forcefully lugged around by the students. Most students have the...

The cast of Check Please holding their hands in the air at the end of the play.

“Check Please!” — A Brief Overview

Hayden Rose, Editor April 8, 2022

Thursday and Friday, March 10th and 11th, the play, "Check Please," showed in the BHS auditorium. The play featured two main characters and followed them through their weird and comedic experiences with...

The Ups and Downs of Friendship

The Ups and Downs of Friendship

Kevin Bates, Writer April 1, 2022

Friendship is key to many people's lives.  Friendship is much more than just the word, A friendship can make someone happy and someone miserable but overall it just makes you, you.  Marrisa Moore...

Standard Osu Gameplay.

The Best Video Game Genre

Hayden Rose, Editor March 19, 2022

There are many different types of video games in the world right now, especially in the midst of the pandemic. Of the many I've tried, including sandbox games, first person shooter (fps) games, battle...

A Not So Sour Take on Olivia Rodrigos Sour Album

A Not So Sour Take on Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Album

Mary Beth Morgan, Staff Writer March 11, 2022

The teenage years are represented in movies and songs as the best time of your life. If you have ever stepped foot in a high school, you immediately know this isn’t true. Yes it may be a fun time that...

Is Big-Foot Real

Is Big-Foot Real

Josh Rodriquez, Feature editor February 4, 2022

Is Bigfoot real? Yes, Bigfoot is real, and here is why. Bigfoot is an animal that has been sought out for generations and with a history dating back to back when people were still nomadic. Where stories...

Costco and Sams Club Showdown

Costco and Sam’s Club Showdown

January 28, 2022

     Costco and sams club are the two biggest bulk stores in the US. On criteria consisting of Food, Deli, Electronics, and Overall Merchandise. The first and most important criterion is food. When...

Are Parents Too Hard on Their Kids?

Are Parents Too Hard on Their Kids?

Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief January 28, 2022

Dear Parents, We might not be the best kids all the time, but we put in all the effort we physically and mentally can. Why do parents push their kids to be the best? Do they push them to be better than...



Josh Rodriquez, Feature editor January 21, 2022

The ACT or SAT is a test that anyone who's gone to high school in the United States has taken at least once. For the longest time, they were required to get into any state college. However Recently Colleges...

Why You Should Join Journalism

Why You Should Join Journalism

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt December 10, 2021

As I graduate next week, I thought that for my last article for the Maroon tribune, I would write about the time that I was able to spend in this class and why I believe that it is one of the best classes...

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